Mech-DLK Deep Learning Software


Mech-DLK integrates the whole working process of deep-learning model training, allowing integrators to complete deep-learning model training in one stop locally, saving time and labor costs, simplifying the process while dramatically improving training efficiency and ensuring data security.

Train various deep learning models autonomously and quickly

It enables integrators to train deep-learning models for all kinds of parts with ease.

Multiple deep learning algorithms

The Mech-DLK supports a variety of training models, including defect detection, classification, and instance segmentation.It can quickly identify and position objects, recognize their shapes, and detect the defects.

Highly centralized functions

By integrating the whole training process and bringing together the steps of deep-learning training, integrators can easily handle all the work of deep-learning model training.

High data security

Data annotations, model training, and other steps can be performed locally by users on their own initiative without external data transmission, to ensure data security.

Easy to operate

Operators without technical background can conduct deep-learning model training independently after simple training

Small amount of data required

Powerful algorithms and built-in advanced AI algorithms make it possible to meet training requirements with only a small number of samples