Mech-Vision Graphical Machine Vision Software


Mech-Vision software can complete depalletizing, machine tending, order picking, gluing/spraying, precise locating, etc. through a code-free graphical interface. Equipped with 3D vision, deep learning and other advanced algorithms, it can meet complex and diverse practical needs.

Code-free programming

Code-free graphical interface, concise UI design, and clear-cut functional partitions. Professional programming skills are not required for users, and visual engineering construction can be realized only by ‘adding algorithm module – configuring module parameters – connecting module wires’.

Visual debugging

It supports single-step operation of visual debugging, and intermediate results such as text and images, etc. of each module can be viewed at any time. It is easy to troubleshoot, which can reduce debugging costs and improve efficiency.

Various built-in typical application plug-ins

With integrated various application plug-ins such as random picking, case depalletizing, express parcel feeding, registration-free goods grasping, high-precision positioning, guided gluing, etc., users can easily deploy multiple typical applications of intelligent robots.

Various typical vision algorithms

Contains plentiful vision algorithm modules (such as 3D general processing algorithm, 3D feature processing, 3D model creating and matching, deep learning, 2D general processing algorithm, 2D feature processing, 2D matching, pose adjusting, as well as special algorithms for trajectory and measurement, etc.), which can be applied to various typical actual scenarios.

Supports efficient parallel computing & processing

The software supports parallel processing, making it possible to maximize the use of computer hardware resource and improves operating efficiency of the software.

Built-in advanced algorithms

A built-in deep learning framework is provided in the software, making it possible for accurate and efficient identification of cartons, sacks, as well as stacked metal parts and daily necessities.

Integrates multiple tools

The software integrates a variety of practical tools such as auto calibration, point cloud editing, trajectory editing, template collection, and teaching grasping points, etc.

3D camera calibration

The software has built-in high-precision calibration tools for 3D camera, which can work with the robot to perform automatic calibrations of extrinsic parameters, intrinsic parameters and dual-camera fusion.


The software has built-in Chinese and English language packs, supporting one-button switching of software languages.