Mech-Viz Intelligent Robot Programming Environment


Equipped with a visualized and code-free programming interface, Mech-Viz can realize one-click simulation. Built in multiple intelligent algorithms (path planning, collision detection and grasping strategy, etc.) guarantee an excellent performance. It can be adapted to most mainstream robot brands worldwide.

Unified programming mode

A completely unified construction form of flow chart is adopted for Mech-Viz software programming, and there is no need for users to learn the language logic of robots of different brands.

Code-free programming

A construction form of flow chart is adopted for programming in Mech-Viz software, therefore code programming experience is not required for users, and robot routines can be realized only by ‘adding function module – configuring module parameters – connecting module wires’.

One-button 3D simulation

The software supports one-button motion simulation, and displays the motion trajectory of robot in the form of animation.

Extensive robot adaptation

The software has been adapted to robots of most leading brands at home and abroad, and complete motion control of adapted robots can be realized.

Motion planning

Motion planning works with a variety of built-in collision detection algorithms to make an early prediction of possible collisions in robot motion.

Grasping strategy

The software supports multi-grasping points, grasping margin and symmetry settings, multiple TCPs. It can work with motion planning and collision detection, guiding the robot to grasp objects accurately and avoid collision.

Built-in palletizing algorithm

The software has built-in algorithm functions such as manual defined pallet, automatically generated pallet, online mixed palletizing, offline mixed palletizing, and continuous palletizing of half pallet, etc.


The software has built-in Chinese and English language packs, supporting one-button switching of software languages.