ROKAE combines its expertise and technology into the smallest space, and the result is the XS series with improved efficiency. XS robots provide higher speed and precision in a smaller and lighter body, allowing for more convenient deployment. The series

Degrees of freedom 4 Weight About 17kg Storage temperature -10℃/+55℃
Maximum payload 6kg Protection level Standard IP20 Working temperature 0℃/+40℃
Maximum working radius 600mm Noise level ≤70dB(A) 3-axis downward pressure 100N
Tip size φ20mm(Outer diameter);φ14mm(Inner diameter) Mounting method Ground
Axis Repeatability Maximum speed Axis Motion range
Axis1+2 ±0.02mm 7850mm/s Axis1 ±132°
Axis3 ±0.01mm 1100mm/s Axis2 ±150°
Axis4 ±0.01° 2000°/s Axis3 200mm
Axis4 ±360°