NB4 is designed to provide the best performance even in the most limited space. This mini robot can handle micro workpieces in a 475x475mm space precisely and flexibly at an affordable cost, setting a new benchmark for 4kg robots.

Degrees of freedom 6 Weight About 21kg Storage temperature -10℃/+55℃
Wrist payload 4kg Protection level IP54(Optional IP67) Working temperature 0℃/+40℃
Maximum working radius 475mm Noise level ≤70dB(A)
Repeatability ±0.015mm Mounting method Ground, hanging
Motion parameters Axis Motion range Maximum speed
Axis1 ±170° 450°/s
Axis2 +130°/-90° 450°/s
Axis3 +55°/-200° 510°/s
Axis4 ±170° 610°/s
Axis5 ±120° 510°/s
Axis6 ±360° 920°/s