EP3E Series | Ethernet Bus Servo Drive

  • Voltage: AC 220V/380V
  • Power: 0.1kW~15kW
  • Communication interface: PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ
  • Support encoder: 23bit incremental subdivision / 23bit multi-turn absolute value …
  • Supported motor types: MA/MS rotary motor, MD/MR direct drive motor, MN rotary motor, MY rotary motor, support third-party motors
  • Operation mode: CSP, CSV, CST …

MS/MA Series | Medium Inertia Servo Motor

  • MS series are small and medium inertia, high speed, high acceleration and deceleration servo motors, which are more suitable for automation industry.
  • MA series are small and medium inertia, medium speed, low current servo motors, which are more suitable for machine tool industry.
  • Adopt the latest five-pole electromagnetic scheme, low temperature rise and low cogging torque pulsation.
  • Standard oil seal, IP65 protection grade, better environmental adaptability.
  • Standard encoder: 23bit incremental subdivision encoder, 23bit multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Optional encoder: standard incremental encoder 2500CT, wire-saving incremental encoder 2500CT, resolver encoder.

GS/GA Series | Medium Inertia Servo Motor

G series rotary servo motor is a new generation of rotary servo motor independently developed and produced by Wuhan Maixin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, light weight and safety.

  • High efficiency: the efficiency reaches more than 90%, and the temperature rise is reduced by 10%~15% compared with the previous generation;
  • High precision: equipped with 24bit high-precision encoder, low cogging torque (below 1%);
  • Lightweight: greatly lightweight and miniaturized, 10%~20% lighter than the previous generation;
  • Safety: low noise (below 60dB), IP65/IP67 protection grade